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De Programming School 


Welcome to De Programming School 

Are you ready to unleash yours potential and prepare for an extraordinary future? If yes, you are welcome to DPS

De Programming School is one of the leading programming and coding school. We equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving tech industry and make a meaningful impact on the world.

Through our private online trainings platform, we assign private professional tutors to train each of our students on all necessary programming language needed to thrive and sprout in this evolving tech industry. 

Brief information about our program 

The program is being organized in a unique way to accommodate different categories of teens/adults.

Categories ranging from:

  • 14 years - 17 years
  • 18 years - 30 years
  • 30 years and above

With a curriculum designed to cover all necessary programming languages required to thrive in the technology world.

Broken down into stages for simplicity and mastery in accelerating pace and balance. 

Here are the coding skills and knowledge that would be acquired after enrollment 

STAGE 1: (Introduction to programming)

  • Introduction
  • HTML for beginners
  • CSS for beginners

STAGE 2: (Introduction to Web and App design and development)

  • HTML5
  • CSS3


  • HTML5, CSS3 & JAVASCRIPT for Web and App design and development
  • Advance JavaScript

STAGE 4: (Becoming a frontend developer)

  • Introduction to figma for UI/UX
  • First Project

STAGE 5: (Introduction to backend development)

  • PHP
  • SQL


  • Python for frontend and backend development
  • Python for data analysis

STAGE 7: (Introduction to Game development)

  •  C#
  • Unity for game development
  • Python, JavaScript and others for game development
  • Second project

STAGE 8: (Introduction to AI Development)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Python for AI
  • Other programming languages for AI & ML

STAGE 9: (Harmonization and Mastery of Skills and Knowledges)

  • Final project
  • Examination and Certification 

Why choose us? 

We have a unique teaching technique by assigning each student to a tutor for the program (I.e; after enrollment, the student would be assigned to a private tutor who would train him/her all through the program {like a private online teacher} in our online platforms).

This private coaching would take place once, twice or thrice in a week (either weekday or weekend), depending on the agreement during registration.

This method would allow our tutors to make sure that every student assigned to them become a pro in the field of programming. 

Testimonies from current students/parents 

  1. My instructor has done a really fantastic job in the first stage of this program, and I am very excited to continue on this programming journey.
  2. David absolutely loves coding. This program was his first exposure to coding ever and he just fell in love with it. He makes projects on his own and has started adding "flair" to his homework projects. He loves showing them off to whomever will look at them. I am so happy we join.
  3. My daughter has enjoyed her weekend coding classes with her professors. She has fun and has enjoyed learning something new.
  4. Great course and teachers, got great participation out of our son and good retention on the content. 

Testimonies from past students/parents 

1. The instructor was kind, responsible and patient. He explained each step in doing a project thoroughly. What amazed me more is how he was able to bring out the best out of me, I knew I was a slow learner, today, I is a pro in programming and can code anything codeable, I'm so proud of myself and grateful to De Programming School.

2. I am a programmer myself, at first I doubted this program and imagined how they could teach all these stated in their program. When my 9 year old son started, I was shocked to see his improvement in very short period. Their curriculum deserves an award, it was fantastic, its simplicity and flexibility are top notch. I have never seen any tutor as dedicated as theirs, keep it up D. P. S. Today, my son is a better programmer than I. 


We have trained over 100 students and still training over 50 students currently. Assigned to our numerous professional programming tutors. 

A trial will amaze you 

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Programming is life 

  • Technology rules the world
  • Prepare your child for the future
  • Prepare yourself for tomorrow
  • Everything on this planet is revolving through technology and they are all programmed by programmers
  • Make decision to become a programmer today
  • Every family should have at least a programmer in this jet age
  • Start today, tomorrow might not present such opportunity